Site Purpose

This Site is used to register Users of the W7KW HF Remote System.

New members are accepted by invitation only. To register and see system documentation click on the Members only link at the left. Only pre-authorized users can register.

System Overview

The W7KW amateur radio station is located just North of the metro Phoenix area in Cave Creek, Arizona. The station has been supporting remote operations for over ten years. The idea for the station was originally conceived and engineered in a joint effort by W4MQ- Stan, W6PJ- Pete and W7KW- Terry. From an initial Kachina remote configuration using microwave links to its current configuration using a state-of-the-art Software Defined Radio remotely controlled via a high-speed broadband Internet connection. More information regarding the station setup and hardware can be obtained from Terry W7KW and Pete W6PJ. 

The W7KW Remote