Preparation for the Heavy Lifting

Terry (W7KW) and Preston (N6SS from Dewey, AZ) remove the SteppIR 3 Element 20M-6M Yagi from the setup stand.

setup stand


The re-furbished SteppIR Yagi. The black housing is a new motor. All cabling, boots and seals have been replaced.

.Terry and Hardy


Terry says that SMILEY CRANE SERVICE has given excellent results for multiple jobs.

Here's the truck and a look at the 100 ft. tower. It has Yagis for 40M through 6M (with the SteppIR) including WARC bands. The tower is shunt fed for 160M & 80M.

100 ft Crane


This and all of SMILEY's operators have been very competent.

Crane Operator


Removing the Cushcraft A35

Terry attaches a safety rope to the Yagi before Pres removes it from the mast.

Tying Off the A35


Down it comes.

The A35 Coming Down

The Cushcraft Coming Down


Installing the SteppIR

Ray (N6VR from Chino Valley, AZ) acted as ground crew. Here he helps tie off the SteppIR to the hoist bucket.

Ray N6VR Helps Out


The SteppIR is on it's way up.


Pres and Terry are attaching a Strap Winch that will hoist and help guide the Yagi into place. No wobbly strong arm needed. Terry's innovation provided strength and control.


Notice Terry's attention to safety. The Yagi is tied to a U-Bolt mounted on the Bucket until it is securely mounted.


The Yagi is in place. Cinching down the U-Bolts begins.


After the mounting is secure Pres removes the Strap Winch.


Final cleanup and cable dressing is under way.


Job complete. Before heading back down Terry called Pete (W6PJ in San Clemente, CA) to remotely test the Steppir. Bill (K7UOP from Mesa, AZ) turned power on for the controller. Pete reported all was working perfectly.


Due to Terry's excellent preparation there were no extra hoists needed for forgotten parts or tools. A lot of prior work also went into laying the new control cable for the SteppIR.

A very smooth operation indeed.

Photos by Bill (K7UOP)